Why Advertag?

Cross Market
Build up your own advertising network. Efficiently hit your customers. Bring you extra income
Offline to Online
Connect the physics store to the online shop. And ensure same pricing between online and offline stores.
Mobile Payment
Support WeChat Pay,
NFC payment and other contactless payment technologies.
Big Data Analysis
Add sensors to collect data for analysis: customer location, retaining time, etc.
Better Connectivity
Wi-Fi connection gives the best connectivity to all Advertag over the whole shop. Advertag further connect and interact to your customer with Mobile App by NFC and BLE.
Greater Advertising
Comprehensive management software provides easy access to all Advertag. Advertag supports both instant update and schedule update. Advertag helps you to save cost, time and eliminate human errors.
Easier Updating
Staff can easily update advertising images and price of many products by our Advertags. Also, the pricing can be changed the system easily.
Longer Lifetime
Constant DC power supply avoids the use of battery and extends the lifetime of Advertag. Unique holding tracks secure the Advertag from stealing.